Welcome to Naturals Basket Health is What You Make It

Welcome to Naturals basket, where nature's vitality flourishes.

Who We Are

Welcome to Naturals Basket, where the essence of nature meets the art of cultivation. We take pride in bringing you the purest and freshest organic wheatgrass and mushrooms, cultivated with care and dedication. Our commitment to sustainability, quality, and well-being is evident in every blade of wheatgrass and every carefully harvested mushroom,microgreens & sprouted coconuts.

Our Story

At Naturalsbasket, our journey began with a simple yet profound vision – to provide a natural, wholesome, and sustainable source of nutrition. Inspired by the healing properties of nature, we embarked on the path of organic cultivation, focusing on two powerhouse ingredients – wheatgrass and mushrooms.


Venugopal Bayya

A foreign return organic farmer, enriched by global experiences, brings a unique perspective to sustainable agriculture, blending traditional wisdom with innovative practices for a harmonious and eco-friendly farming approach. Their cross-cultural insights contribute to the cultivation of organic produce that reflects a global commitment to health and environmental well-being.

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